Ethical herbal teas

KORE herbal infusions have been designed and manufactured from A to Z within our social enterprise. The work has been taken care of (planting, growing, harvesting, drying, and processing) by the people included in our job placement paths at every stage.

Our ethical herbal infusions are organic and eco-sustainable certified. They are produced with raw materials, without chemical elements and artificial additives, and with all the attention of our sustainable agriculture approach. The filters of our herbal teas are of the newest generation, 100% biodegradable and with zero emissions: they are made of a particular mesh fabric composed of polylactic acid (PLA) fibres derived from plants. They are compostable and recyclable or convertible into biogas. In fact, we believe in a circular economy that does no harm to humankind and the environment.

In the perspective of KORE's social project, by buying our herbal infusions you contribute to the path of work autonomy of the people we support every day.

Digestive herbal bio infusion

The fresh taste of mint and lemon balm and the delicate flavour of fennel and mallow: ideal to taste after meals.

Comforting herbal bio infusion

A herbal infusion that brings harmony thanks to its unique blend: calendula, hibiscus and cinnamon create a tasty combination that invigorates body and soul.

Anti-stress herbal bio infusion

With a relaxing and refreshing effect. Thanks to the benefits of its natural ingredients, basil, mint, lemon balm and rosemary, it is perfect for your moments of pure relaxation.

Good breathing herbal bio infusions

The delicate taste of vervain and the intense aroma of thyme for the well-being of your nose and throat.

Relaxing herbal bio infusion

The perfect herbal tea to lull you into a restful sleep and wake you up with a feeling of relief and energy. With extracts of soothing lavender and sweet chamomile.

Winter herbal bio infusion

An infusion that feels like Christmas: spicy, hibiscus-red and with warm marigold. The ideal cuddle to warm you up during the cold season.